• Mushroom Inoculation Machine

    Mushroom Spawn Inoculation Machine for growing mushroom...

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    Mushroom Spawn Inoculation Machine

    Mushroom inoculation machine is especially suitable for large-scale punching and inoculation of shii-take,agaric,tremella, oyster mushroom.

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    Details introduction:

    The automatic inoculation machine adopts the equipotential structure to distribute the different positions through the sector gears. It can realize the automatic disinfection and drilling, the seeds, the inoculation, the leveling, the cloth glue, the mucosa and the conveying process. It has high working efficiency and good working quality , The labor intensity is small, especially for mushrooms, white fungus, mushroom clinker cultivation inoculation of edible fungus varieties of large-scale production inoculation operations.

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    1.It can be used to fill bag of many kinds fungus like Shiitake, black fungus ,Button mushroom,Agaricus brunnescens,

       Velvet Foot , Paddy Straw Mushroom , Shaggy Mane, Oyster Mushroom.

    2.And also some forage powder like Crushed wheat bran , wheat straw , corn stalk , corn comb, wood sawdust, 

       bamboo powder and other agriculture material, etc.

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